II SS Panzer Korps

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                       What is the II SS Panzer Korps?

              Established in 2002 and founded by members of the 10. SS Panzer Division Frundsberg, the II SS Panzer Korps is a Kampfgruppe, or battle group of many different reenactment organizations.  We have come together to form a formidable battle group on the battlefield and to enjoy the kameradery in the field and in garrison.  It is the mission of the Korps to accurately portray various different WWII German units under the umbrella of one organization while still maintaining each individual units own identity.  The II SS Panzer Korps does NOT prescribe to the politics or ideals of the Nazi Party and in No way condones discrimination or hatred of any kind.  Any unit wishing to join or fall out with us please feel free to contact us. 

               What is the purpose of a Kampfgruppe?

                    Well...that's a rather simple question to answer...in the field small and even medium sized units are often moved to the side, shall we say, and this can make an otherwise great event seem poor or marginal at best.  The advantage of a Kampfgruppe is that not only can you be a very formidable force in the field but with many different units the versatility of the group overall becomes much closer to history itself and it fills the gaps that exist in most reenactment units. 

                          What type of units can join?

               Membership is open to any and all WWII German reenacting organizations.  Currently the Korps is made up of Waffen SS, Heer, Luftwaffe, foreign volunteers and other Axis units.  Any unit wishing to join or to simply fall out with the Korps at an event please see our contact page for contact information.

         What type of events does the Panzer Korps do?

                    We mainly participate in events in the North Atlantic region of the United States but we are always open to doing events anywhere in the US and beyond.  The types of events vary widely from public displays (historical displays that may or may not include a public battle), public scripted battles (these are battles solely for the public in which every aspect of the battle including the outcome has been planned ), Non scripted battles (these are battles where the planning is limited to the tactics at hand but the outcome is unknown and can be either bivouac or barracks),  Barracks events (these events supply a barracks for the reenactors to stay in), Bivouac events (these are camp out events in which we bring authentic reproduction tents) and total immersion events (these are what we call "hard core events". At these particular events all soldats bring only what they can carry and it is limited to what a soldat would have had in the war).

      What are the authenticity standards of the Korps?

                    The II SS Panzer Korps prides itself on having excellent but reasonable standards.  Far too many reenacting organizations go way over the top with this subject and that in it's self can make an event very unpleasurable to attend.  Lets remember that the ONLY truly authentic people and units that really exist are the actual Veterans themselves!  With that in mind...if your unit has the proper gear and reproduction uniforms and equipment then your on the right track!  If your unit prefers to use converted Swiss and East German uniforms and equipment then the II SS Panzer Korps is not for you.     

         What are the costs or dues of the Panzer Korps?

                    There are NO dues or costs in joining or maintaining membership within the II SS Panzer Korps.  It's that simple.  The Panzer Korps is simply a group of different reenacting organizations that work together to provide their members with the best reenacting experience possible.  Your unit will never be asked to pay for membership in the Korps!!

                                        One last thing

               Reenactors of the II SS Panzer Korps are non political and thus do not share in any of the beliefs or values of the NSDAP/Nazi Party. Reenactors of the Panzer Korps portray a combat element of the Third Reich.  The display of the national emblem, SS runes, and any other potentially offensive symbols are used strictly for historical purposes only. This organization as a whole and it’s members do NOT tolerate neo-nazi’s, racial supremacist, radical extremists, Racists of any kind or discriminatory organizations of any type. The aforementioned are strictly barred from membership in this organization.