II SS Panzer Korps

Home of the II SS Panzer Korps Kampfgruppe

                    10. SS Panzer Division Frundsberg                     

                                 3rd Kompanie, Aufklarungs Abteilung (reconnaissance battalion)



       Established in 1990, the 10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg is one of the oldest Waffen SS reenacting organizations in the North Atlantic region of the United States.  An award winning unit, they have been recognized by their reenacting peers numerous times for their authenticity and professionalism both on and off the battlefield.  Many of their members have appeared in both television documentaries and on the big screen.  In 2002 members of Frundsberg founded the II SS Panzer Korps and have worked tirelessly to improve their own impressions as well as the Kampfgruppe as a whole.  Frundsberg has members throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virgina, South Carolina, New York and Texas.  Please visit their website at http://www.10ssfrundsberg.com/

                                        352nd Pioneers

                    Recently formed, the 352nd Pioneers have become a force to be reckoned with in the hobby.  Lead by Lucas Peterson, they have put forth a tremendous effort and have become a top reenacting unit in a very short period of time.  The 352nd Pioneers reenactment organization have distinguished them selves both on and off the battlefield and have earned their place in the II SS Panzer Korps.

                                        29th SS Italien


                     As foreign volunteers to the Waffen SS the 29th is far too often overlooked in both the hobby and also in history.  Two regiments within the 29th SS, Vendetta and Debeca, have the distinction of being the only foreign volunteers to be allowed to wear the SS runes on their collar tabs. Due to their heroic actions at the battle for anzio Heinrick Himmler himself authorized both regiments to affix the runes to their collar tabs.  The rest of the division, however, had to continue wearing Fascist emblem.   The members of the 29th SS reenactment organization have worked hard on their impressions and tactics and they too have earned their place in the II SS Panzer Korps.

                              30a CC.NN "Montebello"


               The 30th Montebello "Black Shirts" have recently joined the II SS Panzer Korps and have fought for the fatherland with distinction.  There actions on both fronts has been impressive to say the least.   We look forward to fielding with this outstanding unit.